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AutoText Options in Word 2007

A question came up yesterday at a client that I thought I knew the answer to.  It turned out I had to dig for it last night.  The question dealt with AutoText in Word 2007.  Specifically, a client who had recently migrated from Word 2002 was looking for the ability to AutoComplete (start typing a word and have Word 2007 prompt with possible completions).  As it turns out, this feature is no longer part of Word.  Many have tried to use AutoCorrect as a workaround.  However, the replacement features, Quick Parts and Building Blocks, are probably the best bets.

Quick Parts is the successor to AutoText.  You can find the button in the Insert Ribbon.  Quick Parts allows you to save words, phrases or even longer pieces of text for later retrieval and insertion into a document.  To create a Quick Part, highlight the text that will make up the Quick Part and click the pull down arrow on the Quick Parts button.  From the menu of choices that appears, select “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery.”  The next screen allows you to define and categorize your Building Block.

Once created, a Building Block can be inserted in a number of ways.  Of course, you can select the Quick Parts and insert them from the list.  Alternatively, you can type at least the first four letters and hit the F3 key.  This will autocomplete the entire Building Block.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the closest you can come to the old method of AutoComplete.

Thanks to Carol’s Corner Office where I found the answer.

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2 Responses

  1. Karen Nickerson says:

    I’m not quite sure I understand your blurb on AutoText. You mention “this feature is no longer a part of Word.” I disagree, but I have seen this same sentiment in other website articles. I’m a trainer at a major law firm and I disagree that AutoText is no longer available. I however, agree that this feature is now a part of the Quick Parts/Building Blocks Gallery. However, AutoText works EXACTLY as it did in earlier versions of Word (without having to access the Building Blocks Organizer). The only difference is that if you didn’t know the keystroke for creating an Autotext entry and only access it from Tools, AutoCorrect options, you may think that this feature has been removed. When creating AutoText entries through the building blocks feature, a dropdown box clearly allow me to create an autotext entry which then becomes part of the gallery. Am I missing something in your article?

  2. Jeff Krause says:

    Karen, I think we are saying the same thing. I was trying to point out that there is nothing called “AutoText” in Word 2007. That function is now part of Building Blocks. If, as you point out, you do not know the keystroke shortcut and simply looked for AutoText in Word 2007, you would never find it. I was trying to let people know that they can do what they used to call AutoText by using the new Building Blocks feature.

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