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Thursday Tips and Tricks: Tabs3 – Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields

Changing the Font Size in Rich Text Fields in Tabs3 Tabs3 had a great tip in their latest newsletter. Did you know that you can change the font size in rich text fields using your keyboard and mouse? When reading data in multi-line rich text fields, you can quickly zoom in or out to make […]

How to Create and Use ScanSnap Profiles and Quick Menus

Every so often, I come across a product feature that I should have known about didn’t. Perhaps, I choose a way to do something that works for me, get used to it and never think about a better way. All of us get stuck in our way of doing things, I suppose. This past week, […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Display Formulas

Display Formulas on your Spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel Opening an old spreadsheet or a spreadsheet created by someone else? Don’t remember all the formulas used in the document? You can find out which formulas were used in your document. To do this, use the Show Formulas button under Formulas (example below). This will give you a view […]

What’s new in Tabs3

The newest version of Tabs3 is now available. Version 18 of Tabs3 software delivers new ways to save time through enhanced reconciliation, bank transaction import capabilities, and improved trust accounting features. Tabs3 Billing Software Improved Date-Based Reports: All period-based reports in Tabs3 Billing are now date based, which means they can be run for previous […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Word – Convert to Plain Text

Convert to Plain Text – Microsoft Word Have you ever copied some text from a web page or other document and it retains the formatting and from the original source? When you copy snippets from a web page or document into Word, all the styles and formatting are retained. A way to correct this is to […]

Top Thursday Tips and Tricks of 2015

2015 is rapidly coming to an end. During the year, Solfecta launched a new feature, Thursday Tips and Tricks. Every Thursday , we publish a tips and tricks blog article focusing on tips and tricks for software that you use every day.  Here are the top five tips and tricks from 2015: 1. Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Outlook – […]

CryptoLocker Ransomware on the rise

CryptoLocker, is a malicious program known as ransomware. Some ransomware just freezes your computer and asks you to pay a fee. (These threats can usually be unlocked without paying up, using a decent anti-virus program as a recovery tool.) CryptoLocker is different: your computer and software keep on working, but your personal files, such as […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Excel – Using the Excel Fill Handle

Using the Excel Fill Handle Most Excel users already know about the fill handle. If you don’t, I am referring to the small square that appears when you highlight a cell or a range of cells. If you have never used the fill handle, you are missing out on a very powerful tool. It can […]

Thursday Tips and Tricks: Microsoft PowerPoint – Create custom slide sizes

How do I create custom slide sizes in Microsoft PowerPoint? Sometimes the default size in Microsoft PowerPoint won’t work on a strange sized display like a kiosk or custom made monitor. Here is how you can change your slide sizes in Microsoft PowerPoint. Go to Design – Slide Size Select “Custom Slide Size” Type the height […]

Microsoft Introduces New PowerPoint Design Tools

The evolution of PowerPoint—introducing Designer and Morph Microsoft Office 2016 just hit the market two months ago and over the coming weeks Microsoft will be rolling out the next wave of monthly innovations for Office 365 subscribers. This month, PowerPoint leads the way with game changing tools that make it simple to build designer grade layouts […]