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Attaching Billing Matters Bills to Outlook Email

Can you do this?  The question came up today and I thought the answer was worth repeating.  Many new Billing Matters users struggle with attaching the bills they create in Billing Matters to Outlook emails.  The answer is, of course, “Yes.”  When bill are posted in Billing Matters a PDF file is automatically created which can easily be attached to an email.  The trick is knowing how to find the correct PDF.  Here is how you do that.

The PDFs are filed in your Bills folder, which in is in your Files folder, which is in your Data folder.  An easy way to find this is to look in the lower right hand corner of your Time Matters display.  Mine says kpm-servershareddatatmw9data.  Hopefully, your’s is shorter!  Locate that folder using Windows Explorer. Inside that folder, you will find a Files folder and inside Files you will find Bills.  Once you have opened the Bills folder, you will find a folder for each year.  Year folders have folders corresponding to the months (i.e. 01, 02, 03, etc.) and opening one of these will show the bills for that month.

Now the hard part.  The PDFs are named with a cryptic looking number.  What you need to know is the Invoice number that the bill was given.  Find this in Billing Matter and reopen the folder.  The Invoice number is the first part of the PDF name. 

So for example, Invoice number 1016 created 1/18/2009 would be found in \(serverfolder)tmw9datafilesbills200911016_HD8A89BB05F0F962.pdf.

I hope that helps those of you trying to figure this out.

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