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Anyone Know a Techwiz?

Sometime doing something that is supposed to be simple can frustrate you to no end.  My last post mentioned that I would be upgrading WordPress over the Memorial Day weekend.  Unfortunately, the upgrade was not successful and I had to restore the previous version.  At least I was able to get everything back in order.  Being a glutton for punishment, I tried again to upgrade last night and my entire blog went down.  From what I have read while researching this, the problem was that the web server where my blog was host did not allow php files above a certain size to run.

HostMySite to the rescue.  One email to my web host and they resolved the error AND upgraded my blog for me.  I deal with a lot of software, hardware and other technology vendors and have had mixed experience with support over the years.  HostMySite has the best support I have ever seen.  If you are looking for a place to host your website, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Now I need to figure out how the new integrated Akismet works.  Comment spam is coming in fast and furious.

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