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Anti-Virus Is Critical But So Are Anti-Virus Exclusions

There are lots of bad people online. We all know this and most of us try to counter them with anti-virus software. If you don’t have it, get it today.

However, if you are running any kind of database on your network, anti-virus software can cause all sorts of problems. These problems show up in the form of speed issues, response times and program crashes in many popular law office applications such as Worldox, Tabs/PracticeMaster and Time Matters. Databases tend to be intensive applications that generate traffic. The increased traffic causes the anti-virus program to scan more often, process more possible threats and work much harder. Essentially, busy programs trying to work and send data across a network are exactly the types of applications that anti-virus applications are designed to watch for.

The result? You need anti-virus exclusions nearly as much as you need anti-virus itself.

Essentially, an exclusion tells the anti-virus software to stop doing a real-time scan of a particular folder, file or file type. This may include the program folder, the data folder or the file extension (*.dat or *.idx) for example. Most anti-virus applications allow you to do this and most applications that can be affected by anti-virus have a specific list of exclusions to create. Check the help file or manual for how to do this and which exclusions to create.

If you are concerned about “turning off” your anti-virus software, don’t be. First of all, you are only telling it to stop checking a very specific folder, file or file type. You are not turning it off completely. Second, these are not the types of files that generate viruses or execute without the necessary program. Do you really think you will get a virus in your Time Matters Contact List?

It is easy, even for an experienced consultant, to forget about anti-virus exclusions and most DIY software installers don’t even know to do it. It is especially easy to forget about it when you upgrade software or move it to a location such as a new server.

Time Matters running slow? PracticeMaster crashing? Check your anti-virus and add a few exclusions. It may be as simple as that.

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