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Annual Maintenance Plans for Time Matters Support

LexisNexis has announced a change in its technical support policy for Time Matters.  This change effects many long time customers.  In the past, Lexis allowed customers who were not on the current Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) to receive free technical support provided they worked with a CIC and that CIC called technical support on their behalf. Effective January 4, 2010, CIC’s will no longer be able to obtain technical support on behalf of a customer unless the customer is the owner of a valid AMP.

Like many CICs, I pride myself on being able to resolve most Time Matters and PCLaw issues without having to call LexisNexis technical support. Unfortunately, there are situations where one of our consultants has to call LexisNexis for a serious technical issue.  This new policy means that we will not be able to obtain support unless the customer has a valid AMP.

Regardless of this change, there are very good reasons to have a valid AMP. In addition to providing LexisNexis based technical support, an annual maintenance plan provides you with the opportunity to always install the most recent version of Time Matters or PCLaw.  We have been encouraging our clients all along to have a current AMP because of the upgrade benefit that it provides. This change in policy is one more reason that it makes sense.  It is also worth mentioning, while this is certainly a change for LexisNexis, especially with regard to Time Matters, annual maintenance requirements are quite typical for specialty software applications used in the legal industry.  PCLaw, TABS and Worldox have all had annual maintenance plans for years.

Lexis has informed us that each customer will be entitled to one complimentary technical support call after the new policy goes into effect.  During the call, you will no doubt be strongly encouraged to purchase an AMP.

If you need assistance in purchasing an AMP or deciding whether to purchase one, contact your CIC or Time Matters sales.  If you don’t work currently work with a CIC, I would be happy to help if you contact me directly.

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