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Almost Forgot to Post

Wow, for the first time during the Blawger Survivor contest, I almost forgot to post.  It was one of those days where I was able to focus to the point of blocking almost everything else out.

What was I working?  I have been working on a technology audit template.  I hope to have some additional details and roll this out by Friday but the concept is that I have a HotDocs template that allows me to quickly generate a report about a law firm’s technology status.  A firm will be able to submit their information via a handwritten questionaire or via the Internet and the information can then be turned around as a report in less than an hour.  Of course, I can use the report onsite as well.

Why a tech audit template?  It is the time of year where firms are planning their spending for the remainder of the year.  Typically, a report of this type takes me quite awhile to do.  This concept gives a quick and easy scorecard that the firm can use to make better decisions.

More when I have the concept ready to roll out.

Blawger Survivor Update:  After today, only three posts to go.  Today, take a look at Bryan Sims on The Connected Lawyer writing about multiple monitors.  I am a huge believer in dual (or more) monitors.  I cannot imagine working without them.

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