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Richard Kessler Talks Business at GrowthClub

Yesterday, at my quarterly ActionCoach GrowthClub event, I had the pleasure to listen to guest speaker Richard Kessler of Kessler’s Diamonds here in Milwaukee.  It was great to put a face to the thousands (literally) of radio ads I have heard over the years but even better to hear his story.

He started with one struggling store and his company now sells more diamonds than anyone else in Wisconsin.  In part, he credited his success to changing his mindset and creating a niche for his company.  How do you create a niche?  In his case, he did it by listing all of the things he hated about traditional jewelry stores and doing the opposite.  Another large part of his success was his company’s dedication to its one goal.  He gave many examples of people trying to get him to sell watches or other jewelry but he always went back to the company slogan.  “We do diamonds better because diamonds are all we do.”

Great speaker, great story.

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